About my Work
I live in Amsterdam with my partner
and many pets. I am originally from
Romania, and it was there that I first fell
in love with painting. I studied with great
artists there, but I am also selftaught.

Hudson Valley, Catskill Mountains, Adirondack Mountains, all the lakes and the gorgeous areas we travel in Europe and the Caribbean are a continuous source of inspiration as it was and is for many
other amazing artists and provides the
basis for the majority of my works. Most
of these are landscapes, but I also paint
still life and creatures my kids fall in love
Most of my paintings are in my friends
homes and a lot of them my kids will not
part with.

I participate in
art shows with other local
artists in Montgomery, Columbia and Greene counties and I had a solo exhibit at the  Columbia
Greene Community College
Gallery for a
3 month period.

Please go to the Gallery page to see my
paintings and to the contact page if you
wish to purchase any.